Too much homework? Parents, schools seek balance

homeworkxFrom the USA Today article, titled “Too much homework? Parents, schools seek balance.”

Christina Harris doesn’t believe kindergarteners should have homework. So at the beginning of her son’s kindergarten year, she flat-out told the teacher he wouldn’t be doing any.

“I don’t believe that there’s any use for it,” said Harris, of Federal Way, Wash. “I think that’s a complete waste of childhood.”

A grassroots parents movement has taken hold in recent years calling for less — or at least better — homework. Books like The Case Against Homework (Crown, 2006) and The Homework Myth (Da Capo, 2007) have argued that too much of today’s homework is mindless busywork that takes away from family time and does not improve academic performance. Homework’s critics argue that kids should instead be reading for enjoyment, exploring and being creative.

Many school officials are taking note.

But how much homework is too much?

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