Why This Mother is a Fan of Twilight

First, a confession. I’ve only read the first book, and long after everyone else had, and I haven’t seen either movie. Truth be told I don’t even have plans to see New Moon, but I’m a fan anyway. Why? Because the powerful phenomenon that is Twilight has force enough to overcome another invisible, insidious, ancient force – the assumptions mothers have that keep them from taking time for themselves.

Typically, it’s hard to get mothers to go to a movie, for most of us, the last movie – okay, the last 5 movies – we’ve seen involved animation and keeping small children from dumping slurpees in their lap – or ours. We’re saddled with an assumption that “Good mothers don’t give up time with their children for their own interests or to have fun.” Yet over the past few weeks I’ve watched mother friends plot and plan and scheme and conspire to get to New Moon by themselves or with friends. Not only that, but I’ve watched husbands scheme to arrange for their wives to get to the movie! For one, her husband organized her birthday party around a surprise trip to see the movie. For another friend, out with her family one night, her husband said “Hey, New Moon starts right here in 15, you go and I’ll take the kids home.”

So yes, I’m a fan. If Twilight can manage to help mothers believe that it is okay for them to take some time for themselves simply for fun, and then actually do it, then I’m a fan.



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2 responses to “Why This Mother is a Fan of Twilight

  1. I was laughing when you talked about movies involving animation. My son is now a teen, and when I see trailers for little kid movies, I am so glad we are past that stage. “Wall-E” and “Up” (especially “Up”) would be exceptions.

    Yup, moms are notorious for not taking time yourself. Why not rent the “Twilight” DVD and invite your Mom friends over for cosmos? That’s what we did. Let me know if you need my recipe.


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