Share Family Responsibilities with iPhone App!

As I talk to mothers – and fathers – about my book, This is Not How I Thought It Would Be: Remodeling Motherhood to Get the Lives We Want Today, the topic that comes up most frequently is how to share the family work and stop the nagging and arguments.

Here’s a gadget that can help couples share the responsibility – Grocery Gadget. It’s an iPhone app that friends of ours recommended to us as soon as we got our iPhones this past summer. If you each have Grocery Gadget on your iPhones then you can have a “group” of two that shares lists for all the places you shop. Then you can each add to the list whenever you think of something, and whoever ends up doing the shopping or stopping on the way home has the entire current list on the phone. It even allows you to upload pictures to be sure you are getting the right brand.

Now, my only caution is that technology is only as savvy as its users. This could easily become one more way in which mother takes responsibility – by making the list –  and father takes the task – shopping. Which is fine if that is the division that makes sense right now. I just want to caution you not to fall into that as the default position and instead use the addition of Grocery Gadget as an opportunity to talk about how you want to share responsibility for planning meals, grocery lists, drugstore lists, shopping and meal prep.  Any gadget that can do that gets a thumbs up!



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3 responses to “Share Family Responsibilities with iPhone App!

  1. Kim

    I like your distinction between the responsibility and the task. It’s so easy to forget that fulfilling the responsibility is (invisible) work, just like the task.

  2. I have to tell you about something we started doing that works even better (even though I love your idea). We signed up for, and an awesome mompreneur named Dawn sends us a weekly grocery list (neatly divided by store section) and recipes for the week. Either of us can do it (and we just switch off depending on the week), it’s super-fast because of Dawn’s awesome organizing, and the meals are easy enough for either of us to make. It has really helped us (as a couple) to share in this responsibility. I am almost done with your book and have really enjoyed it, Kristin!

    • Great tip Hollee! I will have to check it out. So do you – and everyone in the family – like the recipes? At this point my husband is a bit of a cooking snob so he’ll have to bless the recipes! Kristin

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