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I’m giving a way one copy of a great new book, Equally Shared Parenting: Rewriting the Rules for a New Generation of Parents, which is  officially released Tuesday, Jan 5. To enter, either leave a comment here about a challenge or success you have had sharing parenting – including childcare, housework, and employment – with your spouse; OR copy and paste this Tweet and send it on to your Followers. Deadline midnight Pacific time on Tuesday Jan 5. Winner to be selected at random, 48 hrs to respond after notification.

Equally Shared Parenting out 1/5! RT 2 win copy from Remodeling Motherhood author @KristinMaschka! #giveaway #books

So how did I come to have an extra copy of the book to give away? I connected with the authors, Amy and Marc Vachon while I was writing my book, This is Not How I Thought It Would Be: Remodeling Motherhood to Get the Lives We Want Today. I had already visited their website and included them as a resource in my draft when they were featured in a New York Times article, When Mom and Dad Share It All. I reached out to them after reading the comments to the article online, some of which were downright hostile to the Vachons and the idea that parents could truly share everything about family life.

We started exchanging email encouragement with each other, and when my book was released in October it carried a testimonial from Amy and Marc inside, and they did a Q and A with me on their blog. Then in November, on my own book tour for This is Not How I Thought It Would Be, I got the chance to meet Amy and Marc. They got a babysitter and spent that precious time coming out to my book event in Assabett Valley MA hosted by the Mothers & More chapter there. What a treat to meet them in person, have them dive in to my workshop on identity, and then chat over drinks afterward.

This is a very real couple who has done some hard work and hard thinking about how to fight stereotypes about what mothers do and what fathers to in order to share parenting the way they want to. Not everything will apply to everyone or every couple, but it is sure to challenge readers’ stereotypes and give couples the tools they need to make the changes right for them.  Here’s the testimonial I wrote for them.

Equally Shared Parenting is a one-stop shop for couples who want to share in all aspects of life as parents  and are puzzled as to why that simple desire is often so difficult. Here couples will find the words that describe the goal, the real stories that show what is possible, and a ton of practical tips to get started right away. Marc and Amy Vachon are a godsend for couples who want and need to remodel motherhood and fatherhood to get the lives – and marriages – they really want today. Put this one on your must-read list!”
Kristin Maschka, author of This is Not How I Thought It Would Be: Remodeling Motherhood to Get the Lives We Want Today

I already had an advance, unedited version when I received a full, hardcover version from their publisher so I thought I’d pay it forward by giving that copy away. Even if you don’t win, don’t miss out, order a copy of Equally Shared Parenting today!



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4 responses to “Check Out New Book – Equally Shared Parenting

  1. NewtoSharedParenting

    With our second child now 7 mos old and myself working part-time (half of those hours from home while caring for the baby & half from an office while she’s in daycare) I came to a sudden & jarring stop in November. My mind & body both broke down because I simply couldn’t do it all. I enlisted my husband and we are working hard on the intial phases of shared parenting.

    Our biggest success has been him getting that he can’t come home from work, help a few minutes then find the couch for the night. I now write 5 lists of to-do’s for him each night of the work week. Even if he gets home at 11 pm he has a few tasks to complete to help me get the kids out of the house the next day. He gets how much I need this and he now does it. And my life is so much better for it.

    I can’t wait to read this book. You’re the first to bring it to my attention – thank you!

    • So glad I was able to bring the book to your attention and so glad you are starting down this path! I think you’d also enjoy my book then which is the story of how my husband and I moved from a more traditional division of labor that we fell into to a true partnership, and explains how society defaults us into that pattern. One thing to keep in mind is the difference between sharing the responsibility and sharing tasks. If you always have to make the to-do lists, he’s sharing the tasks but not the responsibility – though sharing tasks can be a key step on the way to sharing responsibility! So many mothers I’ve talked with, and myself included get frustrated because they have to keep track of everything. Here’s a link to a list of household management/childcare tasks we use in our house. One of our turning points was when I said to my husband, I need you to OWN one of these, not just do the task but own responsibility for it. You might also like this video of a TV interview on the topic. Be sure to come back and let me know what you think of both books! Kristin

  2. thevfamily

    Our family has a divide and conquer approach that works well at bedtime. I nurse the littlest and get him in a fresh diaper, etc. while the hubby tackles the tasks associated with our 3 year old, such as reading books, getting on pjs, saying prayers. When I am done with the baby, I pop in for a mommy goodnight kiss and head on out. Being that the toddler usually takes longer to finish routine, I get a few silent minutes that I can wind down and refresh. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but this simple approach helps us to get the kids in bed more smoothly, which also leads to more us time at night.

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