Caster Semenya Cleared to Compete as a Woman

The New York Times reported last week that:

“Caster Semenya, the South African runner whose track career had been in limbo because of questions about her sex, was cleared to compete as a woman on Tuesday by track and field’s international governing body, the I.A.A.F.”

I wrote about Caster – and a story from my own childhood – last summer when this issue broke. In  The Day I Was Miffed No One Thought I Was a Boy I tell the story of the day our girls fastpitch softball team was accused of being boys because we were too good. Despite rumors of exams that would involve “stripping,” that issue was resolved in a matter of an hour or so – thanks to my father – in a way that left us feeling stronger and having learned lessons in advocacy from watching my dad in action.

Caster on the other hand has been in limbo for 11 months…seriously??? Have to wonder if it would have gone any faster if she’d taken my advice…to hire my dad. : )

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