FREE Teleparty for Mothers Starts 4/27!

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Sometimes the universe conspires in your favor and takes its time doing so.

As my book was coming out over a year ago, my friend Beverly Schoff Belling, a life and creativity coach (Creativity on the Loose) connected me with Patty Lennon, a life coach and mother. Bev and Patty met as part of a Martha Beck coaching series and when Bev posted to Facebook about my book, apparently Patty “went nuts over it!!” Patty and I traded emails but weren’t able to meet in person on my book tour to the east coast back then. But we reconnected recently when she reached out to me to be part of the launch of her new online community Mom Gets a Life.

Beginning April 27 Life Design Coach and Mom Advocate Patty Lennon will be hosting a 3 week teleparty* for mothers. I’m thrilled to be the very first guest in this upcoming FREE event just for mothers.

Remodeling Motherhood: Kristin Maschka 

Wednesday, April 27th

1:00 pm EST

I also pointed Patty to my friends Becky and Hollee, authors of the new book Good Enough is the New Perfect and Becky will be one of the speakers too!

Here’s how Patty describes the telePARTY:

Over the course of three weeks you will be introduced to a line up of mother experts that include authors, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs and educators with a collection of degrees and accolades to long to list here. Each expert is ready to share a unique and powerful message with you that has the potential to change the way you see yourself and motherhood forever.

If you are ready to abandon the pursuit of perfection or some antiquated definition of “good mother” in exchange for a new version of success that is developed around your unique goals and talents then you won’t want to miss these calls. If you are sick and tired of prioritizing an endless list of tasks and think maybe it would be more fun to spend some time prioritizing your list of dreams then register for this telePARTY here.

Patty is committed to helping every mother fall as deeply in love with her own life as she is with her children. This is such a good match for my own message in Remodeling Motherhood so I am really excited to be part of this event for mothers everywhere.

Hope you will check out the full lineup below and join me. A recording of each call will be sent to all registered participants so if you can’t make any of the live calls you won’t miss out.  In addition to gaining access to this incredible group of experts, special bonuses will be available to some lucky participants so you don’t want to miss out!  Register here now!

TelePARTY Lineup

*Teleseries + Amazing Women + Big Laughs = TelePARTY!

Remodeling Motherhood
Kristin Maschka 
Wednesday, April 27th
1:00 pm EST

The Worst Mother
Lin Eleoff
Friday, April 29th
1:00 pm EST

Good Enough is the New Perfect
Becky Beaupre-Gillespie
Tuesday, May 3rd
1:00 pm EST

Laptop Mom
Nika Stewart
Friday, May 6th
1:00 pm EST

Discovering Your Mom Brand
Laurie Foley
Tuesday, May 10th
1:00 pm EST

Illusions & Exhaustion Be Gone!
Suzanne Hansen
Friday, May 13th
1:00 pm EST 

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One response to “FREE Teleparty for Mothers Starts 4/27!

  1. Kristin – you embody the spirit of Mom Gets A Life in such a strong way that I still can’t believe my luck in finding you. Like I said on your call – It may sound cliche but in a very strong way Remodeling Motherhood, your message and your work saved me (from myself;). And it definitely planted the seed for what has now become Mom Gets A Life!

    You are truly a gift to moms everywhere!

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