Nancy Drew: Shadow Ranch App for Kids

Thanks to this review from Common Sense Media I recently downloaded the iPhone version of the Nancy Drew: Shadow Ranch app from Her Interactive for our 10 year old daughter (There’s an iPad version).  She LOVED it! For several days she wanted to use my phone while we were out to continue reading and solving the mystery. We usually take a book with us everywhere; this gave us an interactive book in my pocket. Plus, I felt much better about her spending time with this app than I do when she plays Diner Dash or some other pedicure design game she found. One warning, she was using it in the car and it includes sound effects. Out of nowhere came a loud shriek and my husband and I both thought we’d truly run over a cat. Turns out it was a horse neighing. So the sound went off. It reminds me of the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books I used to love. Now that she finished it once,  she can create a new user for herself and do it again taking different paths. She’s now eagerly waiting for the next one.


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