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Spoiler Alert! This Mothers’ Day Movie Isn’t Really About Me

What an amazing way to celebrate my 10th Mother’s Day! Watching my own story on the big screen! Whew, I’m glad I already have the evening gown I’ll need for the premiere. I bought it for the day my husband and I renewed our vows to celebrate our new commitments to each other as parents. My only complaint about the movie trailer is that there’s too much focus on me. Really it’s an ensemble cast, as it was in real life.

Real change, big change, is built upon relationships and the belief that together we can do things none of us could do alone. I’ve found that this applies in spades to mothers – and fathers.

So spoiler alert! Here’s my own synopsis of the story.

Just over 10 years ago, our daughter was born.

And I fell apart.

Nothing about motherhood was how I thought it would be and no one could explain why. Continue reading

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