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Special Mother’s Day Offer!

Mother’s Day is almost here and what better gift then a copy of my new Los Angeles Times Best-Selling book, This Is Not How I Thought It Would Be: Remodeling Motherhood to Get the Lives We Want Today. This is the perfect gift for any mother, no matter the age of her children, and even for your own mother! Read an excerpt now to see why.

And just for this Mother’s Day season, purchase a book for yourself or a friend and I’ll send you the link to download my FREE guide to making Mother’s Day Resolutions. Mother’s Day Resolutions are small steps you resolve to take to remodel motherhood for yourself AND to remodel the world around you so it works better for mothers, fathers and families.

My book also makes a perfect book club read for the months of May and June. Purchase 3 or more copies for your book club and I’ll send you the link to the FREE book club guide AND mail you  personalized autographed bookplates to insert into each book.

Pick-up your copies of This Is Not How I Thought It Would Be: Remodeling Motherhood to Get the Lives We Want Today then email your receipt by April 28 to:

specialoffer AT remodelingmotherhood DOT com

or use the Contact Form to let me know. (For a book club, be sure to include the names I’ll need to personalize the bookplates.)

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Announcing my new book! IN STORES TODAY!

THIS IS NOT HOW I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE: Remodeling Motherhood to Get the Lives We Want Today

PURCHASE your copy TODAY and take advantage of the below limited-time offer!

THE OFFERBUY one or more copies today and in addition to the EXCLUSIVE Remodeling Motherhood Tools and Remodeling Motherhood Tips, you’ll receive an EXCLUSIVE invitation to an upcoming LIVE tele-master class hosted by me this fall.

A bit more about the tele-master class…

It is titled: Remodeling Motherhood: Who Am I Now?

In this LIVE class, I walk you through an understanding of why motherhood so often leaves mothers wondering, “Who am I now?” Plus, I provide the essential tools mothers need to remodel motherhood starting with their own identity.


Becoming a mother, and many of the changes throughout motherhood, often leave mothers wondering “Who am I now?” Women tend to let the Mother piece of who we are take over and crowd out the “who we were before.” We become “Johnny’s mom.” We stop making time for our own interests. We feel like we have to put everyone else first and find there’s no time or energy for ourselves. No matter how old your children are, whether you are employed or not, let me show you:

  • The two outdated subconscious assumptions we all have that keep mothers from remodeling our identities.
  • How the three stages of transition that apply to any personal change apply to motherhood.
  • How to exchange “oxygen mask” thinking for “oxygen” thinking.
  • Why both our ambitions and our desire to care for our families are important parts of mothers’ identities.
  • The new beliefs you need to remodel your identity and how an Identity Pie can help you do it.
  • How to identify ONE THING you can do TODAY to remodel motherhood starting with your own identity.

To take advantage of these offers, simply forward your sales receipt to info@remodelingmotherhood.com.


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